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Guest Bio:

Peter and Erin are joined by Dr. Del Potter. Del is a medical anthropologist, an entrepreneur, and the Chief Science Officer of Alvarius Pharmaceuticals. He has a PHD in medical anthropology from UC Berkeley, specializing in ethnopsychopharmacology, the chemistry and extraction of psychoactive Indigenous plants.

In This Episode…

Del shares his quiet involvement in the Psychedelic Movement since its inception into Western culture back in the ‘60s. As a youth, he became a regular at Alexander Shulgin’s dinner parties which profoundly shaped his life and deeply inspired him.

Del then speaks on his psychedelics experiences, from the first one to a time in the Amazon, as well as the lessons we can learn from Shamanic cultures and practices. The three discuss our current cultural maturity around psychedelics, the researched potential and wide ranging accessibility these compounds are demonstrating, both in isolation and if stacked together; think hippie flip, and much, much more.

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Gwella Mushrooms |
Gwella Mushrooms |


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