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Guest Bio:

Peter Reitano is a serial entrepreneur and consumer marketing expert with over a decade of experience in scaling some of the world’s top brands. Peter has built, advised, raised for, and sold multiple ventures, including High12, one of Canada’s top cannabis CPG companies.

Peter is the CEO of Gwella, host of Super Psychedelic, and a mushroom enthusiast. He’s been a psychedelic user since he was a teenager and an advocate for entheogens shortly after. His mission? To bring these tools and medicines to our society in non-clinical settings.

In This Episode…

Christian, the producer of Super Psychedelic, joins our host to talk about all things Peter. We go from gardening to Ayahuasca, music to meaning, and what being the CEO of a psychedelic startup means for him. The two of us also discuss Peter’s intimate relationship with Russian culture, the importance of rituals void of smartphones, the present and future of Gwella and the industry at large, and so much more.

While we don’t talk about it, our podcast has moved from a co-hosted show to a solo-hosted one. And before we released our stellar stories from powerful guests, I felt it was important to highlight the story of Peter and the love he has for what he’s doing. I hope by the end of this, you’ll see Peter in a new light.

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