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Nameko Mushroom Grow Kit Fruiting Block


North Spore

Nameko Mushroom Grow Kit Fruiting Block

Our nameko (Pholiota nameko) fruiting blocks feature a popular strain widely cultivated in Japan. These kits produce mushrooms that have an earthy flavor with subtle fruit-like hints. And, when cooked, they will fill the air with an aroma that is reminiscent of cashews and butterscotch. As namekos grow, they become covered in a layer of natural gelatin which gives them a unique, almost shiny appearance. In addition to eating the mushroom, their gelatinous covering has a variety of uses and can be made into soups, sauces, or used as a natural thickening agent!

Nameko mushroom kits, though reliable, require extra attention and more time to produce mushrooms. Because they need cooler temperatures and constant humidity when fruiting, they are more difficult to cultivate. They are not ideal for beginners, but can be quite rewarding for experienced growers. Using a humidity tent or humidity-controlled fruiting chamber will help mitigate moisture issues as long as there is proper gas exchange. 

Upon receiving your kit:

Remove kit from the shipping box as soon as possible. Then, unfold the top of the bag, making room for air space. It's also important to check and confirm that the filter patch is not obstructed. This will help the organism breathe and continue to thrive!

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Nameko Mushroom Grow Kit Fruiting Block


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