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At our core, Gwellan’s are nature lovers with a passion for psychedelics, accessibility and creating.

For decades, our founding team has individually dedicated time and efforts towards making our communities better, advocating for access to diverse plant medicines, and experimenting with unique practices and botanical blends to improve our own health.

The world of fungi and plant medicines is vast and full of promise, it is our goal to help people discover all of these potential benefits, in the ways that suit their needs best. 

We envision that together, we can build a world where access and acceptance of plant-based medicine and psychedelics is the norm. 

It is our belief that people should be able explore psychedelics for any reason they choose without having to fight the law (or monopolistic pharmaceutical gatekeepers) to do it, and we work towards that goal everyday.


We are a team of scientists, mushroom enthusiasts and product builders. Our team has a diverse set of strengths, experiences, and backgrounds.

We work together to create a meaningful impact in the wellness and psychedelic space. Our advantage comes from a collective 30+ years of mushroom growing, cultivation, and personal use.

We understand them and we have been building our own health and wellness solutions for many years. 


Open Access - Above all else, we want to increase responsible, sustainable and effective access. 

Cognitive Liberty  we all have a right to alter our own consciousness. We believe interference with that right to our own awareness constitutes a violation of our humanity.

Advocacy -  We aim to support the movements working to disrupt and change the impact on communities and individuals around the world, caused by the War on Drugs.


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