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What is Gwella?

Gwella is a leading voice at the intersection of wellness and psychedelics.

What does Gwella mean?

Gwella is a Welsh word that means to heal oneself, to improve, to get better.

What are Gwella's values?

At Gwella, we have three core values. Open Access. Cognitive Liberty. Recognition.

What does 0 to +6 (TM) mean?

We believe psychedelics better the well and elevate the average, not just normalize the ill. If 0 is normal, and +6 is our Highest Self, Gwella is the bridge between where you are, and who you'll become.

What are Gwella's views on psychedelics?

Gwella sees and believes in the importance of psychedelics in clinical, medicalized settings. We also believe the largest population that can benefit from psychedelics is the healthy, normal. We advocate for those seeking to alter and elevate their consciousness, without fighting the law to do so.

What does psychedelic mean?

Psychedelic can mean many things to many people. Common 'definitions' are to manifest, make visible, or reveal, mind-manifesting, and soul-revealing.

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