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Mushrooms for Modern Life.


The world of mushrooms is vast & full of promise. We're obsessed with what they can do for your health, and It’s our goal to help people discover these benefits, in ways that suit modern routines best. We combine nature and science to make incredible mushroom products to help you do more, stress less, and live your best life.


  • ✨Discover the Magic of Mojo Microdose✨

Mojo is an award winning gummy that mimics the benefits of microdose, completely legally. Benefits like improved focus, energy, mood and mental clarity. Over 100,000+ happy customers now use it so they can do more, feel better and slay their brain fog. It tastes great and is super convenient on the go. All natural ingredients - low in sugars, vegan and cruelty free.

Renee W.

Loved theses gummies! I have adhd and run a business. I also have teenagers. These Mojo gummies give me the focus, attention I need to survive. No side effects or highness. Thank you mojo

Jeff G.

I had a bad weight in my chest or weeks and my mind was overactive and I couldn't think. I took a couple gummies for a few days and feel great, weight has lifted and my mind is more relaxed.

✨Get 15% off with code MOJO15✨

✨Get 15% off with code MOJO15✨

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