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Libido Gummies - Strawberry & Tangerine



Libido Gummies - Strawberry & Tangerine

A libido-enhancer that makes sparks fly

In a desire slump? This gummy is formulated with Kanna to kick your baseline drive into higher gear, so you can go from "take it or leave it "to "gotta have it"
    Why is Kanna so powerful? And why does it work so well when combined with Cordyceps? Kanna, a South African succulent, kicks stress to the curb with its mood-lifting powers, while Cordyceps, traditional used in Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac, revs up your engines with increased energy and circulation. Together, they're like a superhero team for your sex life, enhancing arousal, stamina, and satisfaction.
      Combine that with the 6 other herbs and botanicals in this libido gummy, get ready to electrify your sense of touch and watch sparks fly!

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        Libido Gummies - Strawberry & Tangerine


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