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Psychedelic Journey Intention Cards

Psychedelic Journey Intention Cards
Psychedelic Journey Intention Cards
Psychedelic Journey Intention Cards

Gwella Mushrooms

Psychedelic Journey Intention Cards


Intention setting is an ancient practice that opens us up to new interpretations of our circumstances and our agency within them. Setting intentions helps us clarify what's most important, and allows us to focus on who we want to be. 


How to use as a psychedelic experience aid

If you choose to pair these cards with a psychedelic journey, we encourage you to begin with the “Set” and “Setting” cards. “Set” and “Setting” are foundational principles within the psychedelic community that ask us to enter into an experience with intent. 

These prompts & reflections were designed to guide conscious self-discovery and self-awareness. They can be used in individual or group settings, and are great for perhaps gifting to the psychedelic explorer in your life.


What's Included?

  • 24 Large Cards with space for artwork & personalizing as desired
  • Stimulating Artwork
  • Reflective & Expressive Prompts
  • Guiding information for Experience
  • Sustainable & Portable Packaging


Need emotional support during or after a psychedelic experience? 

Fireside Project Is a nonprofit that operates the Psychedelic Peer Support Line. They provide free, confidential peer-to-peer emotional support to people in the midst of psychedelic experiences or processing past psychedelic experiences. You can reach out to them every day from 3pm to 3am PT by phone or text message (62-FIRESIDE | 623-473-7433) or mobile app. Their mission is to help people minimize the risks and fulfill the potential of their psychedelic experiences.


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