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Mushroom tea has become incredibly popular, and for good reason. It often makes for a more pleasant experience, and the preparation process can ground you before the trip.

Today we want to guide you on how to brew this psychedelic beverage yourself.

Why drink magic mushroom tea?

Most people don’t chew on raw magic mushrooms because they love the earthy taste; the nausea isn’t fun either. They do it because of the experience. The beauty of magic tea is that it takes you right into the psychedelic experience but skips the rough taste and is easier on the stomach.

The magic shroom tea achieves this by cutting out the middleman. Chitin, the substance that makes up the mushroom’s wall, is hard to digest, and this can lead to nausea. When drinking it in tea form, you skip eating the solid and consume the psilocybin and psilocin directly. 

Many report little to no nausea, and, as a bonus, there is no need to wait much for the effects to kick in compared to eating magic shrooms. With mushroom tea, there is no chitin separating psilocybin from your stomach, resulting in faster absorption.

If you don’t like to wait too long for the effects to kick in and prefer a shorter but more intense experience, you will love this method of consuming magic mushrooms.

Brewing the tea also serves as a grounding ritual to relax and anchor your mind in the present moment, setting the right mood before the trip. Not to mention there is something special about consuming something you made yourself. 

Because of these benefits, shroom tea has become a favorite among many psychonauts and psychedelic enthusiasts, whether they are looking for personal transformation or a fun exploration of the mind.

What you need

  • A weight scale (that can weigh in grams)
  • A cooking pot
  • A stove
  • Water
  • Magic Mushrooms 
  • Optional: A Strainer to separate the solids

That’s all! 

Honey, tea bags of your preference, and ginger are optional but nice additions that we will discuss later.

Steps for preparing magic mushroom tea

#1 Weight the magic shrooms on a scale. Please, don’t eyeball them. You could end up taking fewer shrooms or more shrooms than expected, only to realize it hours later. The result could be either an underwhelming trip or an overwhelming one. Make sure to carefully weigh the right shroom dosage for the experience you want.

#2 Grind mushrooms into a fine powder with a coffee grinder or a cannabis grinder. You could also chop the mushrooms into tiny pieces if you don’t have a grinder, but turning them into powder is more effective. Smaller bits equals more surface area, making it easier for the psilocybin to get out of the stem and into the water.

#3 Pour hot water over the mushrooms and let them sit for 15 minutes on low flame. Don’t get the water too hot, and don’t leave it for much more than 15 minutes. There is no scientific consensus about this, but according to many psychonauts, too much heat might degrade psilocybin and lower its potency.

#4 Steer then serve. Now that the tea is ready, you can drink it and enjoy the trip, but there are some optional steps below that could make the experience more interesting.

Adding ginger to make it easier on your stomach

Drinking mushroom tea instead of eating it already reduces nausea; adding ginger helps even more. It’s also tasty and might spice things up. No pun intended. 

Stan Grof described LSD as a “Non-specific amplifier of the unconscious.” This description fits magic mushrooms too. In other words, psychedelics can turn any subtle emotion or feeling and amplify it, hence the constant insistence on set and setting. Because of this mood amplification, the subtle way ginger stimulates you could play a significant role in the experience.

Ginger can give you a slight zesty stimulation that could mark the mood of the trip in a good way.

Adding a tea bag or herbs to set the mood

Adding tea not only adds flavor but also can set the mood for the trip. For example, you could use something relaxing like chamomile or mix it with something more stimulating like green tea. You can go for a minty peppermint flavor, or you could go for a sweet strawberry tea.

Because magic mushrooms amplify the impact of your perceptions on your mood, any subtle effect from your tea bag of choice will get amplified as you become more conscious of the subtle effects different herbs have on your body. 

Even something as simple as drinking it from your favorite teacup or the cup grandma gave you for your birthday it’s going to impact the experience. Consider the effect different tea types have on your mood and choose what best fits your intention.

Now, be careful with black tea or anything highly caffeinated. Jitters are generally something to be avoided at the start of a psychedelic experience. 

Using magic honey instead

You can even skip boiling the mushrooms altogether if you make magic honey and add it to hot water. The process above on how to make mushroom tea isn’t necessary if you already have magic honey. 

Choose your own adventure with magic mushroom tea

With the many options that magic mushroom tea provides, you can customize your trip more than before. Find yourself a cup with a special meaning, the tea flavor of your preference, and maybe spice things up with some ginger.

The choice is yours. Have fun, and stay safe.

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