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Our journey began when a group of curious individuals sought to reverse-engineer the reported effects of a psilocybin microdose, without the psilocybin. It took us from the forest floor to clinical trials, in search of an effective method of boosting energy, focus, clarity, and mood — and we finally cracked the code.


Each Mojo soft chew features a proprietary blend of carefully selected bioactives. These are found in nature or cultivated to produce specific compounds that create the desired effects. Then, we layer these ingredients in a perfect harmony to achieve our signature microdose experience.


Mojo chews are the result of over a decade of research and development by our Chief Science Officer, Daniel Sanders. Born from a desire for a productivity and study aid that was legal and accessible, while also safer than the many questionable stimulants on the market at the time, the Mojo formula took shape as a well-balanced composition of bioactive ingredients designed to induce a flow state — a psychological concept only familiar to niche biohacking groups at the time. Daniel would go through the labor-intensive process of blending his proprietary formula every day, until it became too tedious, and his experiment was shelved.


Fast forward to 2020, when Daniel met the team at Gwella, who were searching for a formula that met the precise profile of his experiment so many years ago. Together, they created a new formula with a few additional bioactives, in a convenient chewable form. Today, the pursuit of a flow state has broken into the mainstream, and Mojo is available to anyone looking for all the magic of a microdose in a convenient, not to mention legal, format.



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