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It’s a simple process. All you’ll need is hot water, dried shrooms, and a container. However, resources like loose teas, honey, a mortar and pestle, a tea infuser, and a tea kettle can make a simple process even easier.

Shroom tea is gaining popularity. Maybe it’s due to the intentionality behind brewing this magic potion. Maybe it’s because consuming shrooms in a tea is much easier on the physical body. Or it could be because a shroom tea experience invites a shorter and slightly more intense trip. We’d Gandalf it’s a combination of these.

What Is Magic Mushroom Tea?

Shroom tea is a beverage prepared by steeping magic mushrooms in hot water. It's common to combine the grounded-up mushrooms with other loose teas to increase the benefits of the drink on your body.

Green tea or black tea provides a boost due to caffeine; ginger or turmeric tea can aid in digestion and upset stomachs; lavender or mint can help bring calmness to your mind and body as you prepare for your trip. Some ambitious psychonauts choose to chew and swallow raw or dried shrooms, but many prefer a nice magic mushroom tea.

By infusing the hot water with chopped-up or hand broken shrooms, the water does the hard work of breaking down structures in the shrooms, like chitin, so the body doesn’t have to. And you're left with all the magic without the nausea.

How Can You Make Shroom Tea?

While it seems to be a simple enough concept, learning how to make shroom tea properly is important, and probably what you’re here for in the first place. All it takes is steeping your dried mushrooms in hot water for 15 to 20 minutes.

To enrich the experience, you can add honey for flavor, ginger for easier digestion, or get fancy with mint, lavender, or your favorite adaptogens.

Step 1: Make baby shrooms

Using your hands (for the most intimate experience), a knife and a cutting board, a mortar and pestle, or a coffee grinder (least advised) to breakdown the dried mushrooms into smaller pieces.

Step 2: Mix tiny shrooms with herbal friends

Place the broken down shrooms into a tea infuser, tea bag, or homemade contraption with any other loose teas and herbs and place it into your container of choice.

Step 3: Light water on fire

You can boil the water using a tea kettle, a pot, or a microwave.

Step 4: Putting shrooms to steep

Pour the hot water into your mug that's holding the shroom mixture and let it steep, or soak in the water, for at least 15 minutes.

Step 5: Sip & Trip

Remove the tea infuser, soaked shrooms, loose teas, and anything else, add honey if you haven't, stir gently, and enjoy your magical, earthy brew.

Important Notes...

You don’t need to eat/drink the ground up mushrooms after they’ve brewed into the tea. Some people do. However, if your goal is to avoid nausea, wish the magic material well and toss them out.

The 15 minute steep is crucial. The hot water works to extract the benefits of your shrooms into the tea and save your body energy as you'll no longer need to break down certain elements of the fungi.

Remember, the effects of the mushrooms will come on quicker and a bit stronger, so try and make sure you have everything you need packed, laid out, and ready to go before you begin drinking this powerful concoction.

If we stop to truly consider it, making tea is a miraculous process... The whole process is a model for how to make inner use of our daily experiences. For isn't making tea the way we cipher through the events of our lives?

— Mark Nepo

How Long Does It Take For Shroom Tea To Kick In?

Mushroom tea often kicks in more quickly than other modes of consumption. Essentially, you’re cooking the shrooms and making them into an extracted homemade elixir.

This is due to the ease of digesting infused tea rather than the mushrooms themselves. As with most edible products, the more the food has been broken down before ingestion, the easier it is to digest, making the effects of shroom tea hit you faster than usual.

With shroom tea, the onset time falls between 15-30 minutes. Eating shroom dried and raw can take 30-60 minutes before effects become noticeable.

How Long Does A Shroom Tea Trip Last?

A trip on shroom tea should last just less than a trip on chewed-and-swallowed mushrooms. By crushing up your shrooms and steeping them, your body has less work to do and more surface area to work with when facilitating the high. The length of your trip can be influenced by what you’ve eaten recently, how long you fasted before the trip, your body size, how much you slept, your age, and any other substances you may have used.

Shroom tea trips last about four to six hours before normalcy returns, whereas consuming them raw lasts six to eight hours.

Since shroom tea comes on sooner, typically, you'll reach your peak sooner. Peaking is known as the continual waves forming the most intense highs of your trip. Peak periods can be more intense and come on within the first hour and last for the next 90 minutes to three hours. After about three to four hours of your shroom high, you'll quickly come into a gentle afterglow period for an hour or two.

When you chew and swallow shrooms, you usually feel the effects within 30-60 minutes of consumption and begin to peak around the 90 minute mark. You'll continue peaking for the next two or three hours until you begin coming down for the final hour or two.

What Is A Lemon Tek?

Lemon tek mushrooms are ground-up shrooms that have been soaked in lemon juice to help release the psilocybin. A lemon tek helps the body process the psychedelic compounds by beginning the digestive process before the shrooms even hit your stomach. Lemon tek can also make consuming shrooms less bitter and nauseating, more delicious, and more intense!

Because of the way the citrus works with the fungi, this recipe typically leads to a more intense trip. So if you go the lemon tekking route, it's encouraged to consume a slightly lower dosage than you might normally. It's been reported this consumption method adds a layer to an experience that is powerful on its own.

Why Shroom Tea Might Be For You

Besides being much more palatable, digesting mushrooms can be hard on your stomach due to chitin, their tough cell walls. As our stomachs break down chitin, we can feel nausea as a consequence.

Steeping your magic mushrooms in tea creates a different path for our bodies to work with the substance to create our desired altered states without feeling nausea that can sometimes accompany ingesting these beautiful and beneficial compounds.

Of course, you can always pair your shroom tea with a Mojo Microdose. Mojo supplements herbs, roots, botanicals, and adaptogens to aid in digestion, provide clarity, and give you a subtle lift in energy and mood to enhance your experience.

Aside from the biological and psychedelic impacts of drinking shroom tea rather than eating shrooms, the process of brewing tea creates a calm, intentional experience. Brewed shrooms are easier to digest and can bed combined with your favorite tea add-ons, like honey or ginger to make it taste more delicious. If you want to eat raw or dried shrooms, have at it, but we recommend trying shroom tea for a tastier, smoother experience.

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Christian Alfaro |
Christian Alfaro |


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