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Previously we’ve covered how to prepare magic mushroom tea and a guide on how to lemon tekwhich can shorten a trip's duration and decrease nausea. 

Today we are going to talk about the wonders of magic honey.

Why make magic honey

In short, because it tastes good, preserves your mushrooms for longer, and it's easy to dose.

Honey is an excellent natural preservative. The reason for this is its high sugar content combined with a low amount of water and the presence of small amounts of hydrogen peroxide that inhibit bacterial growth. Because of this, magic honey effectively extends magic mushrooms' shelf life, making it great for microdosing. 

Another reason why magic honey is perfect for microdosing is that you can make it as strong or as mild as you want by managing the mushroom to honey ratio.

Do you want to sweeten your morning tea for a mild creative boost without tripping balls? A spoonful of a light mixture is all you need. 

Alternatively, you can pack the blue honey with as many mushrooms as possible, so a spoonful or two is all it takes to get to the other side without having a sugar rush. Perfect if you want to have some tasty shrooms ready to go for a bigger journey. 

What you need

- Honey or agave honey (Ideally, the honey should be runny)

- A weight scale (that can weigh in milligrams)

- Magic mushrooms

- Airtight glass jar

- Coffee or cannabis grinder (A cheaper but less effective option is a sharp knife)

- Dried magic mushrooms

- Optional: A Strainer

Steps for preparing magic honey

#1 Weight the magic shrooms on a scale. We mentioned this step in our article about making magic mushroom tea. We will say it again: don't eyeball them unless you want to do the equivalent of rolling a dice and risking an overwhelming (or underwhelming) trip.  

#2 Add a layer of magic mushrooms, then a layer of honey, then a layer of magic shrooms; rinse and repeat until you have added the desired amount of mushrooms. 

An alternative is to mix it in a bowl, but this might waste some honey and magic mushroom particles because of how sticky honey is…Unless you decide to lick the remnants and trip then and there.

#3 Place the sealed jar in a cool and dark place

#4 Wait a few months, ideally 3 to 4 months. The more you wait, the more honey will seep into the honey, leading to stronger potency. 

Optional: After step #4, you can use a strainer to pour the psilocybin-infused honey into another airtight jar. Most of the psilocybin should have seeped into the honey, so there is no need to consume the actual magic shrooms.

By doing this, you avoid the usual magic mushroom nausea, similar to preparing magic mushroom tea.

You don’t want your blue honey too blue

Honey gets blue through the amount of psilocybin and other mushroom components as they oxidize. 

Oxidation reduces potency, so you don't want your honey to get too blue. It will probably gain a slight blue tint because some amount of oxidation will happen, just don't bruise the mushrooms intentionally to make the honey bluer.

But do you want your honey red? The other psychedelic honey

Red honey, better known as mad honey, is another type of honey with psychedelic properties that forms when bees make honey from rhododendron flowers. 

It’s more commonly found in Nepal and the Black Sea region of Turkey but is made and distributed globally. You can find it in online stores such as or, among others.

It has many uses, such as serving as folk medicine for gastric issues, as aphrodisiac honey for men with impotence, and as a psychedelic.

It isn't as safe for your body as blue honey or other psilocybin products, but serious adverse effects are rare. With that said, it isn't as popular as a tripping method because it can easily produce negative side effects such as dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, and rarely death. 

It’s safer to just take a small dose for aphrodisiac or pain relief purposes as well as getting slightly high.

Legality of magic honey and mad honey (2022)

Magic honey is as legal or illegal as magic shrooms. 

Magic mushrooms are currently decriminalized in the entire state of Oregon, and in the following specific locations:


-Oakland, Santa Cruz, and Arcata


-Port Townsend

-Detroit, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County

-Sommerville, Cambridge, Northampton, and Easthampton

-Washington, DC

On the other hand, mad honey is not as well known as magic mushrooms, chances are that your country doesn't have a law against it but better be safe than sorry and take a look at mad honey legal status for your country.

For the United States, as of 2022, mad honey is illegal in states such as Wisconsin, Tenesse and Indiana, among others. 

Check your local laws and make sure they haven’t change.

Final notes about magic honey 

The first thing is, don't heat the honey to make it runny. It might sound like a good idea when the honey you have at home is too thick, but by heating the honey, you risk the mushrooms losing potency due to excessive heat. Better go to the store and buy some runny honey.

Make sure your shrooms are well dried. If any water content remains, your mushrooms will eventually lose potency due to oxidation.

Finally, remember that mushrooms have variable potency, and you don't know how much has seeped into the honey. To be on the safe side, it's best to try a small spoon first and see what happens.

Have a sweet trip!

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