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If you’re keeping tabs on the second wave of the psychedelic revolution, you know that microdosing has become the newest life hack among a generation that believes in working smarter, not harder.

The practice of microdosing and its potential for healing are currently under rigorous research to examine the long-term effects of taking small doses on physical and mental health. Many folks claim that microdosing allows them to experience heightened focus and creativity, as well as relief from severe symptoms of mental illness.

You may have even heard of microdosing while traveling.  This refers to using the practice of microdosing during vacations and other trips, with the intention of enhancing your experiences with the benefits of psychedelics, but without the “trip” that can make most cities and events a little...overstimulating. Feel like having an exciting vacation in the city with a boost from a psychedelic microdose? Visit Chicago.

Microdosing: Chicago, Illinois 

Commonly referred to as The Windy City, Chicago has historically been a hub for American economics, as well as cultural and political history. Home to the 1919 Race Riots, the legendary march by Martin Luther King Jr. in 1966, and the site of the Sears Tower–the world’s tallest building in 1973–Chicago is packed with history, available through architecture, museums, stories, and online archives.

With a population of 2.71 million, you could explore for weeks and never run out of things to see and people to meet. What’s more, is that there’s a neverending list of activities and sights to see that will be even better with a microdose in your system.

You can also explore the architecture and shopping opportunities in Chinatown, the “luxe haven” of Gold Coast, River North (known as the nightlife mecca), or Northalsted/Boystown, which is the country’s oldest 2SLGBTQIA+ neighborhood.

Being Intentional

First things first: know how your body reacts to microdosing mushrooms. Some folks experience anxiety or emotional crashes during or after their microdose, so it’s crucial to know how your body reacts to this form of psychedelics, so you can best plan on activities that you can handle. For example, some people love the enhanced colors and sounds they experience when microdosing, but others get easily overwhelmed. Know what you’re getting into before you dose so you can have the best experience possible.

Second, consider your intentions with this microdosing journey. Do you want to experience heightened relaxation, or be more productive with heightened focus? Are you a nature lover or a city-goer? What kinds of things would you like to experience in a heightened state? The answers to these questions can help you make informed decisions about what’s best to do during your visit to Chicago.

Potential Trips for your Subperceptual Trip

In addition to being a cultural center of Illinois, over 79% of Chicago residents are over 18 years old, making them close to or within buying age for magic mushrooms. It’s no wonder that Chicago has become a hub for microdosing!

Also, there are a number of neighborhoods and districts worth noting if you’re going to microdose your way through Chicago, the most population-dense being the Lake View district.

Green Spaces & Microdosing

If you’re more of a nature fiend, be sure to check out Hyde Park, Rogers Park on the beachside, or the multicultural hub that is Albany Park. These are just a few of the interesting parts of Chicago, but you can find a full list here!

Need a nature retreat that’s not hours from civilization? Chicago is a great destination for natural yet urban wonders! Check out the nature of Chicago, including Millennium Park, Lincoln Park Zoo, Garfield Park Conservatory, Lincoln Park and Conservatory, or the Chicago River.

You can wander through the parks, gaze across the rivers, and lounge on North Avenue Beach, where you can be stimulated by all the colors and sounds during your microdose.

If you want to get a little exercise in, try the Lakefront Trail or walk along the Chicago River! Lakefront trail runs along the Northside of Chicago, with an abundance of nature, as well as pedestrians, runners, and bicyclists.

Festivals, Food & Microdosing

If you’re a foodie, Chicago has some of America’s finest traditional foods, everywhere from rooftop restaurants to food carts. There are also a number of unique community events including the Pilsen Vendor Market, Friday night events at the Ernest Hemingway Birthplace Museum, and holiday pop-up shops and fairs.

If you're more of the festival type, make sure you hit the Rhinoceros Theater Festival to see works from local and national artists, experience Chicago Restaurant Week, or drink delicious beers at the Chicago Ale Fest. Check out the Chicago events page for an extensive list of attractions, events, and activities, most of which can be enhanced with a microdose of magic mushrooms.

Sightseeing & Microdosing

Let’s say you’re a city-goer, and sunset-gazing isn’t quite your speed. Chicago has an abundance of things for you, along with nature lovers! You can find quite a few historical tours, cruises, and day tours, as well as a lively nightlife scene.

Walking along the Chicago River offers a bit more of an urban feel, as well as the option to window-shop or stop for a bite to eat.

When you’re microdosing, even a normal Chicago sunset could wrap up your day in an incredible way...just saying. Finish it off with a wander around Old Town in all its architectural glory and cozy up at a classic Chicago restaurant before enjoying a walk among one of the most beautiful urban jungles in the world. 

Psychedelic Drugs in The Windy City 

With all this talk of magic mushrooms, you might be wondering, Are shrooms even legal in Chicago? Unfortunately, the answer across the United States is “no.” Psilocybin is classed as a Schedule 1 drug, along with ecstasy, heroin, and LSD.

Despite the illegality of these drugs, however, the culture surrounding psilocybin as medicine is abundant in Chicago. Psychedelic research done by major universities, along with clinical trials at John Hopkins University, are revealing revolutionary results with regards to “healing trauma and reclaiming mental health.”

Local Communities Supporting Psychedelics

Chicago residents are pretty welcoming when it comes to psychedelic use, although magic mushrooms have not been decriminalized just yet.

You can still obtain them through some online shops and dispensaries, and it’s even easier to obtain microdoses in the form of pills, measured doses of dried mushrooms; this is because microdoses are so much smaller, and therefore easier to transfer and consume discreetly.

Even better, a Chicago council member called for the decriminalization of magic mushrooms in 2019. For more on the decriminalization of psychedelics across the country, click here

You can also find information on microdosing and the various substances that have been on the rise within the microdosing trend on both Psychedelics Daily and online magic mushroom groups on Meetup and other platforms. Check out groups like the Chicago Psychedelic Community, Expanding Consciousness in Chicago, and Psychedelic Safety, Support, and Integration on Facebook.

Shopping for Psychedelics

This is all to say: if you’re traveling in Chicago with plans to microdose, you’ll need to know where the best shops are to purchase shrooms. There are a number of online dispensaries you can easily find online with a 

Magic Mushrooms in the Wild

There are also a number of psychedelic mushrooms that grow wild in the state of Illinois, but as we’ve mentioned, it’s not legal to buy, possess, and use them–so please proceed with caution. 

If you're planning a microdosing experience and want some guidance on what the ideal dose is, check out our shroom dosage calculator and this handy guide

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