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If you’re keeping an eye on the magic mushroom revolution, you’ve probably heard of microdosing psilocybin mushrooms as the up-and-coming psychedelic therapy among a generation that believes in working smarter, not harder.

The research that’s been conducted on microdosing as a tool is examining both the short-term and long-term impacts of microdosing on the body and mind, including physical and mental health. Many microdosers claim to experience heightened focus and creativity when microdosing, as well as relief from severe symptoms of mental health disorders like treatment resistant depression, addiction, and trauma, as well as post traumatic stress disorder. With the rise of microdosing as a medicine, a mental health treatment, and a powerful tool, travelers have picked up on the practice of taking this psychedelic drug in small doses.

Microdosing: San Antonio, Texas

Want in on the traveler’s microdosing trip? Visit San Antonio, Texas. It might seem surprising that Texas is a popular destination for tourism, especially among psychedelic users, but San Antonio is a relatively progressive city and is home to countless options for purchasing microdoses and entertaining yourself while you’re on holiday.

The population sits at just above 1.5 million, making San Antonio the second largest city in Texas! The team at Gwella has a soft spot for the city because 75% of San Antonio residents are adults, placing them either close to or within buying age for magic mushrooms and putting them on our side!

At Gwella, we not only educate folks about the healing potential of mushrooms, but we aim to radically improve lives by introducing more people to functional, adaptogenic, and psychedelic mushrooms. We envision a world where access and acceptance of ethnobotanicals and psychedelics is the norm.

If you’re an adult traveler looking for a wonderful vacation with a psychedelic boost from a microdose or two, San Antonio is the place to be. Even luckier for you, you’ve stumbled upon the best guide to microdosing in San Antonio!

Potential Trips for your Subperceptual Trip

Whether you like hiking, sitting in parks, touring the city, or looking at art, you can create a great microdosing experience in San Antonio. The city is home to an abundance of outdoor attractions, including landmarks like The Alamo, arts and cultural sights and events, hikes, urban walks, as well as a variety of interesting districts where you can wander to your heart’s content.

Green Spaces & Microdosing

If you’re a nature lover, you might adore seeing the bats fly at what locals call the Bracken Bat Flight, wandering the Mitchell Lake Audubon Center, or walking through the Medina River Natural Area.

There is also a wonderful park that features an old property with architecture remaining; check out Denman Estate Park for a mix of natural and suburban wonders.

Festivals, Food & Microdosing

Events like art shows, nightlife, musical theatre, live music, and running events like Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll are also popular in the heart of San Antonio, especially in places like the Pearl/Broadway Cultural Corridor.

A number of holiday events are hosted by the city of San Antonio, so if you’re looking to microdose your way through the city and see some Christmas lights, it’ll be even more magical with some magic mushrooms. Check out the San Antonio events page for event listings and details!

For the “foodie experience,” check out Alamo Heights or the King William Historic District.

You can enhance any experience with a psilocybin microdose, but for your own safety and comfort, it’s important to know in advance how your body responds to magic mushrooms. Some folks love the colors and sounds of nightlife, while others would much rather gaze at the city from the summit of a local hike. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that San Antonio is a welcoming place for microdosers! 

Nightlife & Microdosing

If you're more of a night owl, check out Sam's Burger Joint or Jack's Live Music Bar for some live music and dancing! Dance clubs are abundant in San Antonio, so if you want to dance it out with students and travelers, check out Rebar. The Saint Showbar is one of the local gay bars, and the Bonham Exchange is one of those dance clubs that welcomes everyone with open arms.

Psychedelic Drugs & San Antonio

Despite the illegality of these drugs, the culture surrounding psilocybin as medicine is tangible in San Antonio. Clinical trials of psilocybin at John Hopkins University are revealing revolutionary results like “healing trauma and reclaiming mental health,” and sites like Meetup and Shroomery offer microdosing guidance forums to keep their communities safe and help them heal.

Check out the San Antonio Psychedelic Society to meet fellow microdosers and learn more about shroom culture in Texas! The Lone Star State did pass a bill in June 2021 that allows psychedelics to be used legally in PTSD treatments for veterans.

Psychedelic Substances in The Alamo City

Want to hop on the train of psychedelic healing while you’re on vacation? There are a number of places to buy shrooms in San Antonio, but due to the fact that psychedelics are still not legal in the state of Texas, they may be a bit trickier to find than substances like cannabis or alcohol. Ketamine assisted psychotherapy, more commonly known as ketamine therapy, is another popular psychedelic assisted therapy that can be extremely helpful and medically safe if done with the help of professional medical advice.

Once you're prepared for a microdosed vacation, you can order online from places like Psychedelics City or the Mushroom Psychedelic Shop, or look around for cannabis dispensaries or smoke shops that sell mushrooms. You can also legally buy magic mushroom spores online and grow your own shrooms!

Magic Mushrooms in the Wild

Alternatively, you could forage for some magic mushrooms of your own, but this comes with the risk of getting poisoned or even death if you aren’t extremely cautious. We’d caution you to use this information as helpful knowledge, but it is by no means a field guide to foraging psychedelic mushrooms.

The most popular psychedelic mushroom that grows wild in Texas is the Psilocybe cubensis, closely followed by the Panaeolus species, more commonly known as the “pans.”

Some of the less potent psychedelic mushrooms that grow in the state of Texas include “at least ten species of Gymnopilus” and the Amanita muscaria, which is psychoactive but does not contain psilocybin–meaning you’re in for a very different high that could kill you if you accidentally harvest their deadly look-alikes.

Enjoying Your Trip in The River City

That said, microdosing in San Antonio can be a great way to boost your experiences, assuming you do so safely, by taking the right precautions in purchasing and consuming your shrooms.

If you're planning a microdosing experience and want some guidance on what the ideal dose is, check out our shroom dosage calculator and this handy guide

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