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If you’re keeping an eye on the magic mushroom revolution, you’ve probably heard of microdosing.

Rigorous research is being done to examine both the short-term and long-term impacts of microdosing on the body and mind, including physical and mental health.

Many microdosers claim that this practice allows them to experience heightened focus and creativity, as well as relief from severe symptoms of mental illness including treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, and PTSD. With the rise of microdosing as a medicine, a tool, and a “life hack,” travelers have picked up on the practice.

Microdosing: Austin, Texas

Want in on the traveler’s microdosing trip? Explore Austin, Texas. It might seem surprising that Texas is a popular destination for tourism, especially among psychedelic users, but Austin is a relatively progressive city and is home to countless options for purchasing microdoses and entertaining yourself while you’re on holiday.

Even though the population sits just above one million as of 2021, Austin is actually the capital of Texas, and the team at Gwella sees this as a win for publicity! To put the city even more on our side, nearly 75% of Austin residents are adults, placing them either close to or within buying age for magic mushrooms.

If you’re an adult traveler looking for a wonderful vacation (with an extra boost from a microdose or two), Austin is the place to be. Even luckier for you, you’ve stumbled upon the best guide to microdosing in Austin. 

At Gwella, we not only educate folks about the healing potential of mushrooms, but we aim to radically improve lives by introducing more people to functional, adaptogenic, and psychedelic mushrooms. We envision a world where access and acceptance of ethnobotanicals and psychedelics is the norm.

Potential Trips for your Subperceptual Trip

You can enhance any experience with a psilocybin microdose, but for your own safety and comfort, it’s important to know in advance how your body responds to psychedelic mushrooms.

Some folks love the colors and sounds of nightlife, while others would much rather gaze at the city from the summit of a local hike. If you’re a nature lover, you might adore seeing the bats from Congress Avenue Bridge. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that Austin is a welcoming place for microdosers!

Nature & Microdosing

Whether you like hiking, sitting in parks, touring the city, or looking at art, you can create a great microdosing experience in Austin. The city is home to an abundance of outdoor attractions, including urban and suburban parks, swimming pools, and hikes, as well as a variety of interesting districts where you can wander to your heart’s content. These spots will blow your mind whether you're feeling stuck and using psychedelics to help or simply experiencing the well-being boost you can find in hallucinogens.

If you want a stunning view, try out the Ladybird Lake Hike-and-Bike Trail! You might also love wandering the Barton Creek Greenbelt or the Turkey Creek Trail. You can also relax by walking along the River Place Nature Trails, exploring Shoal Creek Greenbelt, or climbing the Spicewood Valley Trail (don't worry, it's a moderate hike)!

Looking for something a little more remote? Take your microdose and try out the South Walnut Creek Trail or visit Balcones District Park. These beautiful natural wonders will give you the classic Texas experience of vast natural views and long, open trails, and you could even call it a "field trip!"

Community Events & Microdosing

Find upcoming events like live music, nightlife, magic shows, and comedy are also popular in the heart of Austin, especially in places like Sixth Street. A number of holiday events are hosted by the community of Austin, and you can read up on all the cozy winter activities happening this year. Check out the Austin events page for event listings and details! For the “foodie experience,” check out the Second Street district.

Psychedelic Therapies Feed the Hippie Haven

Despite these drugs being a controlled substance on the federal list of illegal substances, however, the culture surrounding psilocybin as medicine for one's consciousness is tangible in Austin.

Places like Herban Austin are offering microdosing guidance programs to keep their communities safe and help them heal. There are also a number of educational workshops that focus on the psychology and neuroscience behind psychedelic therapy, so you could hear from a local expert while you’re visiting Austin. 

Psychedelic Substances in Austin, TX 

Want to hop on the train of a psychedelic experience while you’re on vacation? There are a number of places to buy shrooms in Austin, but due to the fact that psychedelics are still not legal in the state of Texas, they may be a bit trickier to find than substances like cannabis or alcohol. You can order online from places like Psychedelics City or the Mushroom Psychedelic Shop, or look around for cannabis dispensaries or smoke shops that sell mushrooms.

With all this talk of magic mushrooms, it's important we address that psilocybin is classed as a Schedule 1 drug, along with ecstasy, heroin, and LSD. Although buying, possessing, and consuming psilocybe mushrooms is illegal, you can still obtain them through some online shops and dispensaries. It’s even easier to obtain microdoses in the form of pills, measured doses of dried mushrooms; this is because microdoses are so much smaller, and therefore easier to transfer and consume discreetly.

Creating Your Own Psychedelic Therapy in the Lone Star State

Alternatively, you could forage for some magic mushrooms of your own, but this isn't without risks.  We’d caution you to use this information as helpful knowledge, but it is by no means a field guide to foraging psilocybin mushrooms.

The most popular psychedelic mushroom that grows wild in Texas is the Psilocybe cubensis, closely followed by the Panaeolus species, more commonly known as the “pans.” Some of the less potent psychedelic mushrooms that grow in the state of Texas include at least ten species of Gymnopilus and the Amanita muscaria, which is psychoactive, but does not contain psilocybin–meaning you’re in for a very different high. 


That said, microdosing in Austin can be a great way to boost your experiences, assuming you do so safely, by taking the right precautions in purchasing and consuming your shrooms. Traveling in and of itself allows the individual or group to refresh themselves, break up patterns, and look at their life with a fresh set of eyes. When adding microdosing to the beauty of travel, one gets to undergo their own version of consciousness research.

The large population of hard-working young professionals is home to many microdosers, and there are countless tourist attractions and events that will be mind-blowing with a little boost from your microdose. Be sure to read up on events and places to buy shrooms before you go, so you can have the best time when you’re in Austin. 

If you're planning a microdosing experience and want some guidance on what the ideal dose is, check out our shroom dosage calculator and this handy guide

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