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Guest Bio:

Peter and Erin interview creative entrepreneur, strategist, and medicine woman, Florencia (Flor) Bollini. Flor is the founder of NANA, a transformative medicine company that provides integrative solutions for mental health and wellness.

In This Episode…

Flor explains how she has devoted her career to helping humans achieve their full potential through a series of lifestyle modifications, including the progressive dosing of psychoactive medicines and women empowerment.

Peter, Erin, and Flor discuss how a wide variety of cultural and ancestral practices lend themselves to a complete toolkit for the healing of the mind, body, heart, and soul as well as the importance of women in the future of psychedelics. Flor also shares her perspective on the ideal settings for healing, and why clinics aren’t always optimal for a psychedelic experience. Finally, she shares her thoughts on what it means to answer the knock of destiny at your door, and how getting out of our own way allows us to transcend the person that we think we can become.

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