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Guest Bio:

Peter is joined by Tim Sae Koo. He exited his first tech startup in 2018 and then backpacked around the world for all of 2019. Tim is an eternal student on a mission of supporting the elevation of consciousness with heart-led leaders through intentional psychedelic experiences. And he loves creating self-funded, profitable businesses while advising, mentoring, and angel investing in meaningful companies that speak to his heart. 

Tony’s work is a synthesis of his passions in art, spirituality, and science, with an emphasis on the evolution of human consciousness and potential. He has over 25 years of experience with “plant medicine” work, and is a powerful public advocate for the decriminalization and responsible use of all plant medicines.

In This Episode…

Peter & Tim talk about how & why Tim landed in Costa Rica, seeking his mom’s approval, following a vision from Ayahuasca, the Ego & work, angel investing, medicine music, Tim’s experience learning to sing, play instruments, and express rhythmic vibrations, the power of 1heart, the themes that hold driven people back, the difference between Mushrooms being the like a Child, and Ayahuasca being like a Grandmother. 

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