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Guest Bio:

Peter and Erin interview Deanna Rogers, an integration expert who helps people prepare, integrate and align on their path following an ayahuasca ceremony.

Deanna has been working with plant medicines for a decade at such locations as the Temple of the Way of Light, and with other well-known influencers in this work such as Gabor Maté. And although her work has taken several different forms over the years, she has remained focused on themes of self-realization and empowerment throughout.

In This Episode…

Peter, Erin, and Deanna discuss why the stages before and after a psychedelic experience are so critical, and how people can push past the boundaries of themselves to actively engage with plant medicines, versus the common notion of surrendering. Deanna shares more about her background and personal experiences with ayahuasca and plant medicine healing, and also offers her quite unique take on spirituality. Finally, Deanna shares her perspective on the future of psychedelic healing, and where she hopes to see the industry go in the future.


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