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There are a handful of factors that influence the length of a shroom trip. Typically, a trip lasts between four to eight hours. Your psychedelic experience, tolerance, body composition, mushroom species, set, setting, and dose all play sizable roles.

However, maybe the most important variable that impacts a magic mushroom experience is the consumption method. Shroom tea and lemon teks have a shorter onset and duration, often lasting between four to six hours. Eating shrooms dried, raw, or in edibles typically last five to seven hours.

Final considerations are your diet, how much you’re sleeping, what your relationship to exercising is, the environment you’ll be tripping in.

It can’t be overstated that every body is different. And just as important, every trip is unique. However, with experience, good company, and proper education, what you can expect at what times will become a smoother process as you build a relationship to psychedelics.

How Do You Prepare For A Shroom Trip?

Preparing for a shroom trip looks different to everyone. However, there are some things most people find helpful.

Set & Setting

Understanding who you’ll trip with and where you’ll be tripping are important. These are known as the Setting of your psychedelic experience. The Set is your mindset and intentions for the journey. Things like a good night’s rest, cleaner meals, and self care practices can help build a stable mindset for experiences that are often times destablizing.

A Day Off

Whether your trip is full of bliss or built around challenges, or a combination of both, it’s commonly advised to create a day for yourself after the experience. Regardless of reason, who we are after a psychedelic experience is different. We’re given a breathe of fresh air. We’ve hit the reset button on ourselves. And having a day to come into this new sense of being helps us cement our learnings.

Consumption Methods

Your consumption method is the next important consideration. How you ingest the shrooms will impact the length of time you trip, how you body will feel breaking down the fungi, and can help better inform you as to what typically happens when.

You can consume shrooms in many ways. The most popular methods are in shroom tea, doing a lemon tek, eating an edible, or the classic approach of dried shrooms into a PB&J.


The last piece is the dosage of your trip. First-time users might start with a moderate dose, between one to two grams, while experienced users might consume over 5 grams, known as a Heroic Dose. If you’re new to the magic and powerful of mushrooms, start low. These are not experiences to take lightly. Mushrooms ask that you take them and yourself seriously. Most ‘bad trips’ unfold because someone took way too many shrooms without second thought.

How Long Does A Shroom Trip Last?

As we’ve shared, many things can impact how long a shroom trip lasts.

Typically, it’s somewhere between four to eight hours, from consuming the shrooms to the onset, peak periods, and afterglow. An afterglow is the time when you’re sliding back into normalcy while still having a gentle, psychedelic trance on your state of being. Afterglows can last hours or days. Many are beginning to agree it’s these times after the trip ‘ends’ is the most beneficial time to incorporate lessons, sheddings, or downloads.

Shroom Tea Or Lemon Teks

Drinking shroom tea or making a lemon tek invites a four to six hour trip. The onset, or period where a person can start feeling effects, is shortened to 15 to 30 minutes. Within an hour of consuming the elixir, you can except to peak for the next 90 minutes to three hours. After the peak, you’ll begin coming down for the next hour or so, normalcy setting back in eight hours after the start.

Dried, Raw, Or Edibles

Eating shrooms dried, fresh, or as edibles creates an experience that can last five to seven hours. Typically, the onset period takes 30-60 minutes, with peak periods unfolding 90 minutes after the eating the shrooms. Peaking lasts two to three hours before the afterglow settles in for the next hour or two.

Does Dosage Impact Shroom Timelines?

Not really. We’d like to say no, but if we psychedelics have taught us anything, it’s that we can’t say anything with absolute certainty.

Whether it’s a microdose of mushrooms or a heroic dose, the trip typically lasts four to eight hours. The higher the dose, the more you’ll feel the effects as they come on.

If a user has more experience, they’ll be more sensitive to notice the effects as they’re building whereas a beginner might feel as if the onset happens all at once.

Almost regardless of amount, breaking down the magic in mushrooms demands energy of our body. As our stomach does the dirty work so we can trip, we might feel temporary nausea, drowsiness, a sense of heavy, or the infamous mushroom yawns. These will pass. Typically, these sensations last an hour. And it’s for these reasons that shroom tea and lemon tekking are gaining seriously popularity because people have found it easier to kick the intense physical discomfort that accompanies shrooms.

Can You Build A Tolerance To The Effects Of Mushrooms?

The short and long of this question is yes, you can build a tolerance to your shroom trips. Tolerance refers to the minimized reaction within your body when consuming a substance repeatedly. Over time, we become desensitized to the experiential effects of certain drugs if you take them over and over again. When you build up a tolerance to a substance, you need more and more of it to experience the same effects as you did the first time you engaged with it.

While you can build a tolerance to magic mushrooms, it's different than other substances like alcohol, nicotine, or other drugs. Psilocybin is believed to have a low potential for abuse and rarely causes compulsive use.

This short-term tolerance build-up that develops when you try to stack trips on top of each other is known as tachyphylaxis.

The Come Down

We’re sure you’ve heard this before (because we said it earlier) but in the case you haven’t, every body is different. To add to that, our mindset is not identical two days in a row.

As the wise Heraclitus says, “No man steps in the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he is not the same man.”

No two trips will be the same. However, as you sit, stand, dance, or laugh more with shrooms, you’ll begin building a relationship to what you can expect to feel when. And this can help bring comfort to, at times, an overwhelming experience.

It helps to know the break down of a shroom timeline because under the influence of any psychedelic, the concept of time becomes unthinkable. Psychedelics usher us into the present moment, and when all we are is Now, what just happened or what will happen next doesn't matter. All that matters is the moment.

Many spiritual teachers are preaching the message of presence and psychedelics are a tool that can remind us of all the beauty, meaning, and profundity living in the moment always has to offer.

Remember, the way that you consume your shrooms influences the length of your trip the most. Dosage doesn’t really matter. But how you’ve slept, what you’ve ate, how you’re feeling, who you’re tripping with and where you’ll trip all play roles within your time. Prepare as you need to, enjoy the shrooms, and we’ll see you soon.

Christian Alfaro |
Christian Alfaro |


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