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How long it takes shrooms to kick in is impacted the most by your consumption method. Magic mushrooms take between 10 minutes to 60 minutes to kick in. If you prepare properly, understand the varying effects consumption methods can have, bring a level head and surround yourself with good people, chances are high (pun intended) that you’ll have an experience worth remembering.

How Long Do Shrooms Take To Kick In?

Most people notice the psychedelic mushrooms kicking in between 30 minutes to 60 minutes once they’ve consumed the shrooms.

If you’re taking them in a lemon tek or shroom tea recipe, the onset time sits between 15 to 45 minutes.

If you’re taking shroom edibles, effects can begin between 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

And if you’re doing the old school method of dried consumption - either by themselves, in a smoothie, or a PB&J, the shroom high will start to come on between 30 and 60 minutes.

These subtle effects can feel like a heaviness or a lightness of the body, or a tingling sensation, known as a body buzz. Other physical effects can be mushroom yawns and temporary nausea. Early hallucinatory effects could be brighter colors, sharper edges, objects gently pulsating, or reality seeming shiny, fluid, or geometric.

Taking a psychedelic is like going from seeing reality in standard definition to then being immersed in a 4k experience. Heightened senses and an ability to slow down the information we’re perceiving can create jaw dropping visuals, sounds, and sensations.

How Long Should You Wait Before Taking More Shrooms?

Almost all ‘bad trips’ come down to dosage. First timers trying to ‘impress’ those around them by consuming a lot or earlier users jumping from two grams to five grams without a second thought can create infamous ‘bad trips.’ While there is much to be learned from a challenging trip, it takes experience to understand your shroom sweet spots.

The best thing you can do is wait a day between taking more, as this nearly ensures you won’t be stacking your doses.

But if you’ve set aside the time, the people, and the setting, among other important things, and still aren’t feeling anything, wait at least two hours before you take more shrooms.

A cautionary trick for new users but a common practice for experienced trippers to help bring on a psychedelic experience is to pair it with cannabis. If you’re comfortable with this plant medicine and aren’t feeling anything, a small hit or tiny edible can unlock your trip and bring you into it. However, be careful. Pairing cannabis with psychedelics will make your hallucinations trippier. This means your hallucinogenic sensory experiences can quickly become stronger, more fluid, and feel all-encompassing.

Does Dosage Impact Your Shroom Timeline?

Not really. Whether you take a .2g microdose 2g shrooms,  or a 4g macrodose of shrooms, the onset, timeline, and duration will be almost identical.

A user who has experience with shrooms will be more tuned in to the subtle changes in feelings and perceptions that accompany the onset whereas a newbie won’t yet be able to pattern match the effects shrooms are having on them until they’re more blatant.

To calculate your optimal dosage, check out this free mushroom dosage calculator tool we built. 

And for further reading, check out this shroom dosage guide

Do Shrooms Kick In Faster On An Empty Stomach?

Yes. It is recommended to fast for a number of hours before you take magic mushrooms. This allows your stomach time to digest any food eaten recently and prepare to digest the mushrooms soon after you consume them. If nothing is in your stomach, then there’s nothing you gut needs to compete with to break down the magical structures that make up these mushrooms.

Since a shroom experience is naturally harder on our stomach, you can avoid the unpleasant feelings and nausea by consuming them in the form of shroom tea or a lemon tek. Some people like to drink a cup of tea, kombucha, or something under 50 calories (to keep your body in a fasted state) to get the gears of your gut lubricated.

If you take magic mushrooms on an empty stomach, you can expect the shrooms to bring on effects within 10 to 30 minutes of consumption. Fasting before you take shrooms will result in a ‘higher high’ and a faster onset, which can make for a more intense trip.

How Long Does It Take Shrooms To Kick In On A Full Stomach?

For most people, taking shrooms on a full stomach can delay the onset times by one to two hours. These delays largely depend on what you’ve eaten, how much you ate, and how well your digestive system functions.

It’s important to note that eating a lot prior to a shroom trip can delay the feelings of tripping, potentially leading to-be trippers to consume more. As we’ve shared, stacking multiple doses of mushrooms on top of each other can be a recipe for a challenging trip, especially for someone new to these psychedelic adventures.

What Can Influence How Fast Shrooms Kick In?

There are a number of things that can affect how long it takes shrooms to kick in and having an understanding of each can aid in your preparation for a wonderful trip.

Your Expectations & Environment - The Set & Setting

Shrooms and psychedelics are heavily influenced by the popular terms set and setting. The mindset you bring to the trip and the place(s) and people you’ll be around shape a psychedelic experience unlike any other drug experience.

Being in a good headspace and a safe, supported environment might allow you to feel the come on of your trip sooner than the typically expected. Being able to open up to a sense of familiarity in the people you’re with and the places you’re in creates strong chances for a beautiful time.

In that vein, being in an uncomfortable environment can also highlight the effects, but in more adverse ways rather than enlightening ones.

Your Experience With Shrooms

Experienced users will be more in tune with the subtle changes shrooms bring on and might sooner feel their effects. First timers may not notice these small differences in sensations and moods until they become more prominent shortly before the peak comes on.

Consumption Method

Shroom tea and lemon tekking are the quickest ways to bring on a shroom trip whereas edibles and dried consumption methods prolong effects. There's a big difference between eating fresh shrooms and dried mushrooms or shroom chocolate. 

An Empty Or A Full Stomach

An empty stomach can invite the effects of a trip to come on in 15- 30 minutes where as a full stomach can delay the onset time by one to two hours.

Your Body Weight

A smaller dose for a larger human may only produce mild peak effects and slower onset of effects. It may take an hour or so, when the peak effects start to kick in, to feel shroomy.

Shroom Species

Strains of psilocybin mushrooms vary slightly, such as those grown indoors versus in nature. The differences are minimal and won’t lead to more or less intense trips.

These slight variances in potency can also be seen in the stems versus the caps. While there might be variances, typically they aren’t substantial enough to drastically impact a trip. So one gram of caps of a strain will create a very similar experience to one gram of stems of that same strain.

One of the top grey market growers in Canada, Vincent, says the most intense strain of psilocybe cubensis is Penis Envy. He went on to say that in the tests they’ve conducted the PE strain has the highest typrtomine content, which leads to the most intense shroom trips. 

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