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Amanita Wood Slice Art Print


Fern and Skye

Amanita Wood Slice Art Print


This sweet Red Mushroom Wood slice Art Print is ready to bring a little pop color and life to your home. The watercolor wood slice is filled with three magical red toadstools set among luscious overgrown leaves and vines as the backdrop. This art print is perfect if you're a woodland lover looking to liven up your wall decor collection with that sweet balance of neutral and color.

This botanical amanita muscaria mushroom art print displays beautifully in any room of your home: from your entryway to your kitchen, living room, bedroom, home office, or even your nursery or kids' room. Add something special to your home decor with this magic mushroom illustration, whether you purpose it as a wall hanging on its own or among your gallery wall art collection.


Sizes: 8" x 10" and 11" x 14"


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This high-quality physical print is professionally printed locally on premium acid-free, 300 gsm inkjet paper that meets ISO 9706 standards for permanence.

Will ship in a transparent, acid-free sleeve inside of a rigid mailer made from 100% recycled paperboard to ensure their safety during transit. The frame is not included.

Amanita Wood Slice Art Print
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