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If you’ve ever asked an experienced magic mushroom tripper, “How long do shrooms last?” you may have gotten a cryptic answer. This isn’t some twisted game played on newbies; the answer is it depends. The problem then is that they may not be able to communicate all the factors that affect the length of your trip, or they simply don’t know.

We’ve got you covered. Settle in for our beginner’s guide to tripping. In this guide, we’ll cover the basics of everything from how long do shrooms last to how long does shroom tea last

How Do You Prepare For A Shroom Trip?

Here are some things to consider when preparing for your first magic mushrooms trip:

  • Choose an experienced guide – Having the right people around you, those you trust and feel safe with is a vital part of having a positive experience. If it is your first time, consider tripping with a friend who has already taken magic mushrooms. They will help keep you linked to the real world if you start to lose your grip.

  • Find a safe environment – Take mushrooms in an environment that makes you feel comfortable or familiar. Your experience will be more enjoyable if you are feeling at peace rather than feeling at risk.

  • Untether from electronics – Plan your trip on a day that you have no work or family obligations, so you can completely disconnect from technology (read: turn your phone off). Receiving a call or text during your trip related to your day-to-day responsibilities may result in a negative experience.

  • Do an emotional check-in – Whether it’s your first or your 100th time, checking in with your emotional state is essential. Taking shrooms when you are well-rested and feel like your emotions are balanced can be the difference between a magical experience and a rough one.

  • Now that we’ve covered how best to prepare for your trip, keep reading to learn what do shrooms do to you, how many shrooms you should take, how long does a shroom high last, and how long do shrooms last in your system.

    What Do Shrooms Do To You?

    The psychoactive and physical effects of magic mushrooms vary from person to person. That said, there are some generic experiences that are associated with a typical mushroom trip. 

    So what kind of effects should you expect?

    The psychedelic properties may take between 20 minutes to two hours to kick in, so be patient (especially if this is your first time tripping). Once it does take effect, you may feel euphoric, excited, and energized. Many have described feeling in awe of the world around you, from everyday things to people. This is especially more likely if you are tripping in nature.

    Your response to hallucinogens may be different than someone else’s response. For example, some people experience mild visual hallucinations while others see more vivid hallucinations. Adverse reactions may occur in an environment where you feel unsafe, or you are around people you do not trust. 

    These effects may present as paranoia, anxiety, and panic. In extreme scenarios, you may feel the urge to vomit. You can often return to a positive experience by changing your environment or moving away from the offending people. This is an excellent example of when you can benefit from having an experienced trip guide.

    Can You Sleep on Shrooms?

    Magic mushrooms increase your brain activity. Serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for regulating sleep, mood, and appetite, is knocked out of balance during a shroom trip. As a result, it can be tough for most people to sleep for at least 6-10 hours following a trip.

    That isn’t to say it’s completely impossible to fall asleep while on shrooms. Just like every other aspect of a trip, the ability to sleep or not varies from user to user. So the question of ‘can you sleep on shrooms’ is something only you can answer.

    Now it’s time to get to the meat of the mushroom – how long does a shroom high last, and how is this affected by mushroom type, consumption form, and dosage?

    Can You Build A Tolerance To The Effects Of Mushrooms?

    Unlike drugs such as cocaine or opioids, users of magic mushrooms are extremely unlikely to become dependent on them. With frequent use, though, some shroom users may build up a tolerance to them. The three main factors to building shroom tolerance are:

    • How Often - If you’re taking 1 gram of magic mushrooms every 12 hours, consistently, after a couple of days, you’re going to build a tolerance to that dosage. You will need to start taking higher dosages to get to where you want to be.
    • How Heavily - If you’re raging and tripping balls on 5 grams of shrooms a day, chances are you’re going to build up a tolerance to that dosage and require more to reach the high you want.
    • Crossfading - Combining pot and alcohol isn’t the only way to get cross-faded. Many shroom users introduce other hallucinogenics to their shroom usage to increase their trip. This is a surefire way to build up a tolerance to shrooms, and you will find yourself needing to consume more to reach the kind of high you’re looking for.

    The good news is, no matter which of these three built your tolerance up, it’s only temporary. Even a small shroom break will get your tolerance back to where it used to be.

    How Long Does a Shroom High Last?

    How long a shroom high lasts depends on several factors. Everything from your age and body composition to the specific type of mushroom and dosage can affect the length of time your high lasts. 

    Other factors which contribute to how long your shrooms high lasts:

    • The form you choose to consume (i.e., dried vs. fresh)
    • Your mental state when you take the shrooms
    • Your expectations for the trip
    • Your tolerance
    • Have you taken other substances at the same time
    • Do you currently take medication

    It’s important to note that when people talk about a magic mushroom high, they typically refer to the trip's peak. This peak is usually 4-6 hours. The trip experience includes the time leading up to the peak and the shrooms comedown.

    A complete Magic mushrooms trip can last between four and eight hours. Remember, this time can vary from individual to individual. The shrooms comedown period is often overlooked as part of the shrooms high itself because, on occasion, the afterglow effects can last as long as a few weeks after the trip officially ends.

    How Is Trip Length Impacted by Type and Consumption Method?

    Depending on who you ask, some experienced trippers might suggest eating dried shrooms, while others say taking them fresh is the only way to go. Still, others swear by shroom tea or shroom chocolates or…and the list goes on. 

    Ultimately, only you can decide which method is most enjoyable and effective for you. Here are a few common ways to consume magic mushrooms and how long you can expect your trip to last with each.

    How Long Do Shrooms Last: Fresh Vs. Dried?

    How long a shrooms trip lasts with fresh mushrooms vs. dried mushrooms is a long-debated topic. Some trippers report experiencing a more intense trip with fresh shrooms. 

    The science supports this theory because psilocybin is more stable in raw mushrooms, which means they are also more potent. Drying mushrooms degrades the psilocin, another psychedelic compound in shrooms, indicating it may be better to eat them fresh for a more extended, more intense high.

    How Long Does Shroom Tea Last?

    Shroom tea decreases the time it takes for your high to kick in since your body can process the psilocybin faster. Consuming dried shrooms may take up to two hours to kick in, whereas you may only have to wait 10 to 20 minutes for the tea to start working. 

    Magic mushroom tea (shroom tea) is a refreshing way to take shrooms. The easiest way to make it is to steep dried shrooms in hot water and then add your usual tea or sweetener options, such as honey or sugar. 

    It reduces the bitterness without reducing the potency of the mushrooms. This popular consumption method's downside is that your body processes psilocybin faster, so your trip may not last as long.

    How Long Do Mojo Microdose Gummies Last?

    New products are becoming available for every day and first-time trippers as new research is published. Mojo Microdose Gummies are soft chews made from natural and cultivated bioactives like cordyceps, lion’s mane, ginger root, and Panax ginseng. You can consume these chews daily if you don’t exceed more than six chews per 12 hours.

    The chews begin taking effect around 30 minutes after consumption and keep you in a flow state for up to four hours. According to the manufacturer, you’ll experience a prolonged functional benefit for up to 8.5 hours.

    How Is Trip Length Impacted by Dosage?

    Every person will experience their unique magic mushroom trip – even if you all use the same consumption method simultaneously. Why is this? Earlier, we identified some contributing factors affecting how long a shroom high lasts, but the dosage is one of the most impactful factors.

    From microdosing to the “heroic” shrooms dosage, your trip can vary significantly from the next person. On average, first-time trippers are advised to consume either a microdose (0.1 to 0.5 grams) or a low to medium dose (1 gram to 1.75 grams). This allows you to assess your reaction before deciding to increase your amount.

    How Much Shrooms Should I Take?

    If you’ve ever tried edibles, you know once you take them, you can’t take less (though sometimes you might wish you could), but you can always take more. The same is true with magic mushrooms. When you’re just starting your psilocybin journey, it’s best to start slowly.

    It can also be challenging to know precisely how potent a bunch of shrooms will be unless you order a microdosing product like Mojo Microdose Gummies. If you consume shrooms in another form (caps, stems, tea, etc.), start small with a microdose and work your way up.

    If you’re a first-time tripper, you may wonder, Exactly how long do shrooms last in your system?

    How Long Do Shrooms Last In Your System?

    If you’re wondering how long do shrooms last in your system because you have to take a drug test, you can rest easy. Most drug tests will not pick up on magic mushrooms because they aren’t testing for them. Standard drug tests only screen for five substances: cocaine, PCP, THC, amphetamines, and opioids.

    Generally, unless they have a specific reason to test for them, they aren’t usually looking for shrooms. Some specialized urine tests can detect the presence of shrooms, but the detection window varies depending on the test.

    The detectable substance in magic mushrooms, psilocybin, can show up in your urine for up to seven days after ingestion. Hair follicle drug tests may detect psilocybin for up to 90 days following ingestion, but this type of test is rarely used due to how expensive it is to administer. It’s best to give your body as much time as possible between when you plan to trip and when you must take a drug test.

    The Bottom Line: How Long Do Shrooms Last?

    By now, you should be able to answer this question for yourself, but just in case you need the reminder – how long your high lasts will depend on your body, your consumption method and dose, and what other substances are in your body.

    No matter what you call them – magic mushrooms, psychedelic mushrooms, caps, mushies – shrooms are worth exploring. From their medicinal benefits to recreational uses, we still have a lot to learn about this fungus. Thankfully, if you’re considering tripping for the first time, you don’t have to learn as you go. This guide and many others can help you take the first steps on your hallucinogenic journey.

    If you arrived here just hoping to find the answer to “how long do shrooms last?” – we hope you are leaving with as much good info as you need so that your first trip can be positively memorable.
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