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In Canada, magic mushroom dispensaries are popping up everywhere. 

Many of them sell their products online, and they ship anywhere in Canada. Some even offer free shipping.

Below you will see some online shops where you can find a wide variety of magic mushroom strains... and many more psychedelic products.

Come with us!

Blue Goba

Considered the best in Canada, according to Reddit’s psychedelic community. This online shop is a great place to find quality, consistency, and variety.

They ensure quality and consistency by testing magic mushrooms for potency. Why is this important? Because psilocybin content may vary within each magic mushroom strain. 

When you pick magic mushrooms directly from the soil, you might eat 2 grams of mushrooms, only to be surprised by twice the potency you expected. 

With Blue Goba’s products, there are no surprises.

What about variety? They have more than 20 magic mushroom strains

From famous strains such as Golden Teacher, penis envy, and Blue Meanies to hybrids such as White Rabbit and Albino Penis Envy. Of course they also feature, the Blue Goba. 

They sell them whole, in microdose capsules and mushroom chocolate bars. If you are looking for options, they have them. 

They ship everywhere in Canada, and orders above $150 include free shipping. There is a 10% discount for orders above $350.

You can also find other substances, such as LSD-25, DMT, and mescaline.

3 Amigos

They have more than 20 Magic mushroom strains as well as microdosing capsules, magic mushroom tea, and edibles

Below every shop section, there is a super informative FAQ.

If you are browsing dried magic mushrooms, one of the questions in the FAQ is, “How do I consume magic mushrooms?” The answer is 500 words long, the length of a short article.

Same applies  with other questions like  “How much magic mushrooms should I take?” or “Which magic mushroom strain should I take?” 

That’s only one shop section. The same thing goes for all the others.

3 Amigos’s team goes out of its way to guide you.

The other thing that makes them stand out is their partnership with Thrive Downtown Counselling Clinic. This partnership gives their customers direct access to psychedelic therapy.


You enter the website, and a request greets you.

 “Describe your vibe” 

Below, you immediately spot five words:

Elevated                   Recreational                   Focused                   Calm                   Connected

Click on any of them, and you will see products that align with your vibe. 

As its name hints, microdosing is this website’s focus.  The products, as well as the e-commerce design, are perfectly tailored to that goal.

Instead of selling whole mushrooms or products that are hard to measure, they offer products with clear instructions and doses. The website also helps you find what you are looking for through its intuitive menu.

You can shop by vibe, by dose, or just trust the best sellers.

By the way, don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom and check out their curated Spotify playlist. 

Set the mood for your next trip.


How does more than 70 magic mushroom strains sound?

That’s shroombros for you…and that’s only whole mushrooms. 

In this flashy 80s nostaligia shop, you will also find 9 magic mushroom tea flavors and 3 different mushroom chocolate bars. For those who are into microdosing they have capsules as well as mushroom gummies.

Room 920

Room 920 specializes in lab-tested psilocybin mushroom edibles. 

This west coast dispensary takes pride in its easy-to-dose products. With quality control and clear user guidelines, they facilitate a good experience.

The variety of their products is quite wide too. 

Aside from microdosing capsules and a few magic mushroom strains, you can find a hot chocolate mix, ginger tea, jellies, and cotton candy. All infused with psilocybin.

Dose Land

A minimalistic website that doesn’t get you lost in a labyrinth of pages. Instead, you can find their top products on the homepage.

First, you will see their 4 neuro botanical capsules: Brain formula, Focus, Energy, and Calm. They all contain a mix of psilocybin and nootropics to produce the promised effect. 

Perfect for microdosing.

Scroll down for some tasty psilocybin-induced edibles. You will find mushroom chocolate bars, marshmallows, and mushroom gummies in 4 different flavors. 

Don’t sleep on the sweet and savory taste of the golden teacher and sea salt chocolate bar.  

Legality and activism

Magic mushrooms aren't legal in Canada, yet they’re sold everywhere... and dispensaries are pretty open about it on the high streets in major cities. 

As far as we’re concerned, they’re doing the lords work. 

How can they work despite prohibition? Doesn't the police know? Oh yes, they do.

The police department knows, but one thing is the law, and another is its implementation. They let it slide as long as psychedelics aren't sold on playgrounds or near schools. Besides, they have bigger fish to fry. 

On the other hand, many dispensaries prefer selling in the open to change public perception and, eventually, the law. It's their way of doing psychedelic activism.

Online competition is rising. The quality of brands are like any other new cool DTC consumer product company. Dispensaries are popping up everywhere. 

Canadian psychedelic renaissance

This is just the tip of the iceberg. It would take a book's worth of pages to review every single e-commerce selling magic mushrooms or psilocybin-infused products in detail. 

Anywhere in Canada, whether you want more focus, anxiety relief, creativity, or a journey deep into your mind, you can find what you are looking for. 
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