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MDMA, also known as molly (crystal form) or ecstasy(pill form), can feel amazing. But everything that goes up eventually falls… sometimes crashing down really hard.

Yet not everybody gets the infamous post-MDMA Suicide Tuesday; some get a mild comedown the next day. Some even skip the MDMA comedown and instead go into a wonderful state known as afterglow that lasts between a few days to a week. 

Users have tried all sorts of supplements to avoid the molly comedown. The question is...

Do MDMA supplements work?

Yes, supplements work. There are some neuroprotective supplements that can help. 

Which one should I take? How?

Read below to learn about the best MDMA supplements and how to use them.

Vitamin C

Most drugs, including alcohol, cause oxidation in the body. Oxidation is the process responsible for problems such as liver damage, in the case of alcohol. In the case of MDMA, there is plenty of oxidation going on in the brain, but thankfully the body knows how to defend against this via antioxidants such as Vitamin C.

By taking Vitamin C, you are helping the body protect the brain, which results in less mental hangover the next few days, or even none of it. This supplement also reduces hepatotoxicity along with MDMA neurotoxicity.

Because vitamin C protects your brain and liver, we consider it a must in any MDMA supplements kit.

Alpha Lipoic Acid/ R-ALA

Alpha Lipoic Acid, AKA R-ALA, is short-acting but very effective at clearing reactive oxygen and reactive nitrogen. It also helps regenerate other vitamins.

Because it's short-acting, you must take it frequently throughout the MDMA experience. It's also somewhat hard on the stomach, so it won't be comfortable for everybody.

A study from 1999 shows that R-ALA prevents MDMA neurotoxicity even with significant rises in body temperature.


If you want to know how to replenish serotonin after rolling,  5-HTP might be the answer.

This MDMA supplement is the precursor to serotonin, so taking 100mg of it gives your body the materials to make more serotonin.

You can buy some here

Warning: Do not take it the same day you take MDMA since that could lead to serotonin syndrome. Take 24 hours after once a day for 3 to 7 days.

ALCAR (Acetylcarnitine)

It is synergistic with alpha lipoic acid and protects against oxidative stress. It's also longer acting than  ALA. One dose to curve the molly comedown.

Vitamin E

Another long-lasting antioxidant. You only need one capsule, and that's it. A very efficient MDMA supplement.


Taking melatonin before bed will help you sleep but will also help clear up any oxidative substances your other antioxidants have missed. 

You produce melatonin naturally from serotonin, but because after MDMA, your serotonin levels are lower, you might be missing some Melatonin and have a hard time falling asleep after a big festival.

Sleep itself is essential for preserving your brain healthy.

You can buy some here.


CoQ10 is used by your body to synthesize ATP, allowing your protein pumps to expel the excess Ca2+ more efficiently. This will protect your neurons from excitotoxicity.

You can buy some here.


There is evidence that ginger helps with neuroprotection. It also reduces nausea. 


A two-in-one MDMA supplement. This antioxidant not only reduces the MDMA comedown but can also prevent jaw clenching during the roll. Magnesium can also help with sleep.

Make sure to use magnesium that is easy to absorb, such as magnesium L-Threonate, magnesium citrate, and magnesium glycinate

You can buy some here.


Hydration is vital for safety when you are on MDMA, but it's also essential afterward. The problem is that with MDMA, you have to balance drinking enough water vs not drinking too much water. Tricky due to MDMA water retention.

Drinking too much water could dilute the body's necessary sodium content.

You can hydrate to your heart contempt with electrolytes without fear of hyponatremia.

Weed… yes, weed

It's counterintuitive, but this is the one time when taking another drug might be the right thing to do. Not only because it helps you sleep, there is another reason that is just as important… Neuroprotection.

A study found that THC has neuroprotective properties. Another study shows that THC reduces MDMA neurotoxicity

THC also has a recreational bonus when combined with MDMA. If you use it as the MDMA effects begin to decrease, it might extend the MDMA experience. It is much healthier than redosing MDMA, and it will make sleep easier later on. 

We don't recommend going overboard with the cannabis or taking it too early since combining the two can give you what some call "Goldfish memory" while you roll.

Molly vs ecstasy

Some say that molly is better than ecstasy and causes less comedown. 

The truth is that it depends on the content. Molly and ecstasy are just the street names of two formats that can contain MDMA. Molly with 100mg of pure MDMA is going to have the same impact as an ecstasy pill that has 100mg of pure MDMA. 

We recommend testing your substance with an MDMA test kit to ensure a better experience long term, and short term. Some adulterants can be dangerous. For example PMMA and PMA.

MDMA supplementation schedule

Regular routine

  • 4h before MDMA ingestion: 2g Ginger
  • 3h(or less) before: 500mg ALCAR (Acetyl-L-carnitine), 500mg Vitamin C
  • 1h before: 2g Ginger (+ Optional: 100mg of Magnesium)
  • Along MDMA: 300mg ALA +  500mg Vitamin C
  • 1h after MDMA: 300mg ALA + 500mg ALCAR
  • 2h after: 300mg ALA (+ Optional: 100mg of Magnesium) 
  • 3h after: 300mg ALA + 500mg Vitamin C
  • 4h after: 300mg ALA
  • 5h after: 300mg ALA + 500mg ALCAR
  • 6h after: 300mg ALA + 500mg Vitamin C
  • 7h after: 300mg ALA
  • 24h after: 100mg of 5-htp

Minimal Preload only routine

  • 1000 mg ALCAR 3 hours before you roll 
  • 200-600 mg of CoQ10 7 hours before you roll (not more than 3600 mg in a day)
  • 800-IU of Vitamin E 13 hours before you roll (not more than 1600-IU in a day)

Note: In a single 24h period, don't exceed 2500mg of ALCAR, 3600mg of CoQ10, or 1600 IU of Vitamin E. Don't exceed 2000mg of vitamin C either.

Final words

Be mindful that supplements help, but they are not a license to be careless. If you go overboard with the MDMA dosage or take it too frequently, no supplementation schedule will stop the crash. Use an untested pill, and you might put your health in danger.


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