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Looking for the perfect for your psychonaut friend?

Wanting to spread a little trippy cheer?

From microdose gummies, to books, and psychedelic art, we've done our best to curate a selection of products and tools designed to improve and elevate your psychedelic experiences and everyday wellness. Some can be found in our bodega, some can be bought elsewhere. 

Lets dive in...

Psychedelic Books

Perfect gift for anyone interested in drug culture, research, or all things psychedelic Mescaline: A Global History of the First Psychedelic - this has fast become one of our favourite books, telling the story of the drug that introduced Aldous Huxely to the world of psychedelics. 

Or you can buy the all time classic that came out of his experiences -  The Doors of Perception. Guided by the bestselling author that inspired many psychonauts and marked the beginning of a psychedelic era.

Psychedelic Music 

Music and psychedelics go together like netflix and chill. 

EDM artist Jon Hopkins has been getting rave reviews for his latest album, Music for Psychedelic Therapy, which is available on a beautiful vinyl

(Legal) Microdose Gummies

The perfect gift for those who want to boost their creativity. Like microdosing without the legal worries. 

Attitudes and laws around psychedelics are changing, but why wait for lawmakers when there is a legal option? 

Mojo's team reverse-engineered blend of mushrooms, herbs, and roots to boost cognition, reduce brain fog, and improve productivity. These brain-boosting gummies are the result. All the magic of a small dose without any of the worry.

Intention cards

The perfect gift for those looking for ideas on how to make their trip meaningful.

Think of these cards as thought-starters designed to guide your self-discovery with prompts, questions, and information on how to make the most of your psychedelic experience.

Wakeful journal

A tool to support your transformation.

Wakeful offers three types of journals:

- 6-week intention journal for those who want to keep track of their microdosing.

- Wakeful Integration Journal to help you integrate major psychedelic experiences

- Mindful Travel Journal for adventure-seekers, travelers, and daydreamers looking for transformation.

Cleansing kit for post-trip

Grounding yourself after a psychedelic experience is incredibly important. After the peak, is the comedown, where you're integrating feelings and thoughts from a deeply intense experience into your now sober state. 

You need to get in contact with your physical senses. After an ayahuasca ceremony, some traditions will offer salt to participants to connect back to the minerals of the Earth.

A common recommendation is to activate your smell by burning some incense or sage, and using essential oils. 

A kit for spiritual people looking for something to ground themselves and clean away negative energy.

What's in the kit? White Sage, Blue Sage, and Selenite sticks.

Sage has been used for centuries as part of spiritual practice to remove negative energy. It also has other benefits like eliminating airborne bacteria, boosting mood, and reducing stress levels.

People often use sage to activate their sense of smell and ground themselves after a psychedelic experience. Providing a sense of balance and well-being.

Escape eye Mask 

The perfect gift for psychedelic voyagers seeking to go deep inside.

The escape eye mask is a comfortable, one-size-fits-most. It has a thick layer of special foam designed to block light while feeling very comfortable to wear.

Psychedelic Art

The psychedelic gift for those looking for a trippy decor to hang on the wall. 

We have nine psychedelic wall art pieces give to fellow psychonauts as a Christmas present. 

Or, check out this beautiful wood slice art print of the Amanita Muscaria mushroom. This mushroom is deeply intertwined with Christmas, and some even think Santa Claus himself is based on the red and white psychedelic shroom. 

Drug Testing Kits

The perfect gift for those who want to ensure a safe, high-quality trip.

Safety = peace of mind = confidence = a better trip. 

Not everyone is comfortable swallowing a pill or putting a tab under their tongue and hoping for the best. Some want to know what they are putting in their bodies… and for  a good reason.

Taking PMA when you expect MDMA could be disappointing at best, and fatal at worst. Same for nBome disguised as LSD.

Thankfully test kits are here to save the day.

-Do you want to test your LSD? Here is an LSD test kit

-Do you want to test your MDMA? Here is an MDMA basic test kit

-Do you want to double-check that it’s MDMA? We got you MDMA Advanced test kit

-Want something for testing LSD, MDMA and more? Get yourself an Essential test kit

A Journal Subscription for the Psychedelic Press

Quite simply one of the best journals on Psychedelic culture. 

"The Psychedelic Press journal explores the role psychoactive substances play in culture, history, philosophy, and science. You will find articles on the latest research, thoughtful comment, and opinion on contemporary and historical issues - along with poetry, creative and experimental writing. Showcasing a variety of well written perspectives is what lies at the heart of the journal."

Mushroom themed gifts

Magic mushrooms can be aesthetic and they have a special place in the hearts of many. It’s because of this that these psychedelic gifts are so popular. Here are some gifts for mushroom lovers for you and your friends:

Psychedelic retreat

For those looking to give a more all inclusive gift of healing, therapy and exploration, a psychedelic wellness retreat is a possibility. Obviously this comes with a a much higher price tag than any of the other options above!

One of our favourite retreats is Beckley in Jamaica. They have an Incredible team and stunning facilities surrounded by gorgeous Jamaican nature. 

Final Words

You really can't go wrong with any of the picks above. And remember... it's the intention that matters most, whether you give them something fancy, a test kit, or a pair of socks!

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